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Bees in Winter

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Check out this link for more info on winterizing your bees

Even though the bees are not out of the hive, there are some things to take care of.

In the BC lower mainland, beekeepers have to deal with moisture in the hive. Some strategies are:

  1. Placing a honey super on top of the inner cover and putting newspaper inside. The paper will absorb extra moisture and can be changed when it becomes wet.Some people use wood shavings instead of newspaper

  2. Ensure the bees have adequate ventilation.

  3. Another issue/concern is feeding the bees. Bees should have enough honey, but in case they don't, it is best to feed them. You can save honey frames, or feed with sugar patties (honey mixed with sugar to form a paddy). Be careful not to overfeed as the bees will store the food and you risk having no room for the queen to lay eggs in spring. LArge hives need more to eat.

Feel free to comment about your techniques and leave feedback!

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