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What to do if you see a SWARM of Bees!!

The words "Swarm of Bees" may seem scary to some, but to the bee keeper it's an opportunity! 


Starting in the month of May through to as late as July, Honeybees can swarm.

Keep a look out on the first sunny day after the rain. Listen for the buzzing sound, you may hear them before you see them.

Queen bees lay lots of eggs daily and the hive can become full of bees. The existing queen will leave with more than half of the colony of bees from the hive. They will leave behind a queen cell (often more than one) so a new queen will emerge soon after the existing queen leaves. 

Watching a swarm leave the hive is quite exhilarating. They fly up in a coordinated black cloud of bees and eventually land in a tree or even in the grass.

They will settle into a cluster and can appear quite docile. They will have gorged themselves with all the honey they could eat just before they leave their old home. It is not wise to disturb them but there is a way to capture them.


If you see a swarm of bees and would like someone to come and get them please call one of our club members.


John Farina             604-462-1106    Maple Ridge, Mission

Dan Telep                778-789-4454    Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission

Daniel McCarthy     778-982-2398    Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam,                                                                     Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Walnut                                                                   Grove, and North Langley



Don Lamb                 604-526-2875    Anywhere

Heath Chapman       604-637-7947    Anywhere


Loretta Jackson       604-826-6040    Mission & Maple Ridge/Deroche


Rob McMurtry          604-512- 9453   Tri Cities


Roy                           604-686-3086   Anywhere


Chart of bees and wasps.
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