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Bee hives in a garden

Siting your hive

Bees hives do not need a shelter but it can help with issues of moisture. Things to consider is: 

  • Hives should face east to receive morning sun

  • hives should be raised off the ground to help keep them dry

  • make sure you have room behind the hive to work

  • bees will need fresh water and regular nectar and pollen.


An unhealthy bee

Signs of Varroa

Bee hives with shelter

Set ups

Hives can be close together. Bees will find their home. Consider planting plants that have nectar and pollen througout the year

Plants that bees like.
Jar of Honey

                Liquid Gold

Honey jars can be ordered locally through: 


BC Bee Supply


Richards Packaging


Dominion Packaging




 Varroa mites will damage the wings. If you see this you have a problem. Bees with damaged wings can't fly and the whole colony can die without food.

A bee with Varroa mites
Bee hive that looks like a house.
Bee Chart
Not a bee.
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