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Open House TODAY! at Healing Bees, Burnaby. View equipment, and consider packages available Sunday.

Burnaby Bee Club member Lazslo Kolmar of Healing Bees invites you to an Open House. Here is his letter to beekeeping friends:

We are still in winter mode and we can hardly wait for spring and are

itching to work with our bees.

If we can’t work with them yet, let’s talk about bee keeping.

I invite you to an open house to introduce you to a European made

honey extractors and honey/wax processing machines.

This coming Saturday, March 4th, 2PM to 5PM at 7146 Gibson Street, Burnaby.

Come to backyard. Hot Coffee/Tea and snacks provided.

Can’t make it in person? Contact us for an alternate time.

Konigin is made in Hungary and meets German manufacturing standards.

What is unique about them?

-High quality craftsmanship, reliability and ease of use.

-All stainless steel construction.

-Low center of gravity with a wide foot print optimizes stability.

-Electric models are programmable.

-4 Year Warranty.

A few models are in stock to give you a hands-on perspective and more

information available on a wide variety of machines:

-Tangential, Radial, Auto-turning and Horizontal extractors, from 4

to 80 frames.

-Uncapping machines and tables.

-Capping Screw Press, wax melters.

-Sumps, Pumps, Creamers, tanks, and more.

Need something for 2023 season? This might just be the perfect

opportunity to order what you need and ensure it arrives in time.

Or just talk about bees and bee keeping.

Happy Bee Keeping.

Laszlo Kalmar


Burnaby Bee Club Member

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