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Digital Transformation of the NFBC will fuel club growth in 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Hi everyone. I'm Dan Telep, the new president of the bee club in 2021. 2020 was difficult year for the club, just like it was for everyone. The very word 'club' implies a group of people that often gather. For a few months, our meetings stopped completely. Without in-person gatherings, club meetings needed to be re-imagined and brought into the digital world. No more getting out of the house. No more door prizes. No more coffee and treats while we socialize. ...and no way for the club to generate revenue as a non-profit organization, as the club did not have electronic banking or an online payment systems. So now what?

The term 'digital transformation' isn't something you normally associate with a bee club, but it's what we are in the process of doing. Not only have we moved all our meetings to virtual Zoom meetings, but we have enhanced our web page to better communicate our events and other events in our communities that promote bees and other pollinators. We've added a way for anyone to donate money to the club, as we are a non-profit organization. As well, we added a new online membership application. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to add more online value and content for beekeepers.

Moving forward, you will also notice that our email communications and event invitations are more automated and engaging, if you are subscribed. if you aren't, please do. We won't disappoint.

Most importantly, with our digital platform, the club executive are committed to bringing our communities the most unique, engaging, and educational bee club speakers, beekeeping education, and community engagement. As well as additional benefits for bee club members such as mentorship programs for beginners, advanced beekeeping information, and recorded beekeeping education sessions.

If you are reading this, consider returning to our home page and becoming a club member for $20.50. If you don't want to be a member, consider sending our club a little love by way of a donation, by clicking the donation link, also found on our home page.

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