Beekeeping through the seasons

October 16, 2014

This can be the busiest season for beekeepers. Bees in a good season will be gathering honey and nectar quickly. It is important that the queen always has room to lay eggs. Beekeepers will have to monitor the hive and add extra boxes as needed.





Some decisions have t...

October 16, 2014

Spring time comes when the temperatures rise over 10 degrees celsius. The bees will become active then and need pollen for their new larvae. It is important for the bees to have access to hazelnut pussywillows and other early pollen producing plants. If bees can't coll...

October 16, 2014

Check out this link for more info on winterizing your bees



Even though the bees are not out of the hive, there are some things to take care of.


In the BC lower mainland, beekeepers have to deal with moistur...

October 9, 2014

Things to consider for fall:


1) Some people feed their bees in fall. If you do what do you feed them?


2) Did you treat for varroa mites? what is your treatment?


3) what sorts of things do you do to prepare for winter?



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Evidence the bees are alive and well in winter. 

This picture of Dan's hives show how the bees have created enough warmth to melt the snow on the lid of the hive. 




This is the month when we organize Iotron treatments. Iotron is about using an  Electron Beam (E-Beam) Sterilization, to help with Pest and Pathogens that can cause problems with your bee equipment



This is the month when a hive could swarm. Check bees on the first sunny day after a rain and see if they are preparing to leave the hive. Contact our club if you see a swarm! 


Hives need attention this time of year. Adding Honey supers provide space for bees to collect maximum  honey. 



​Bees should be flying out. Hazelnuts and Pussywillows, snowdrops are early pollen producers that bees love and need at this time of year. 



Bees are active this time of year. Make sure the queen has enough space to lay eggs and that bees have the opportunity to get out and gather food.